What is Evalo Business Pro?

Evalo is retail property valuation process management software which enables you to automate & track your mortgage valuation business and generate reports in various formats.

How does it help?

• Removes the worries of generating and aligning reports in various formats as described by your client
• Raise invoices to clients, track receivables and stay on top of your revenue realization
• Property details, images and coordinates are readily available after the property visit for data entry – saving time and reducing TAT
• Data entry interface is very user friendly and designed with as many dropdowns and auto fills possible to reduce data entry errors and rework
• Valuation Calculation is Automated to reduce manual intervention and error
• Stores structured data in your own cloud for future reference and audit
• Valuation Comparables from your own database enables you to make a sound opinion of the value of subject property
• Monitor, Track and Control your business from wherever you are
• Enables you to effectively utilize your resources

How does it work?

• Create a new case against an inward or trigger received from the bank.
• Android application enables the field engineer to capture property details, pictures and coordinates.
• Web interface allows the operator to key in fields from the documents and the site
• Auto calculation of property value
• Reviewing the valuation for any further correction and approving, the valuation reports are generated in the predefined formats

Evalo covers all Valuations?

Various types of report for Land, Flat, Individual Building, Under Construction properties can be readily generated

Where is the data stored?

Data is stored only in your own cloud server and owned only by you.

Can I use my own domain?

Yes, we can deploy in your own existing domain. You can also buy a new domain from any leading providers like Google Domains or Godaddy .

Which cloud servers do you support?

We recommend you buying cloud server from Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform.

Will Evalo assist in configuring and setting up the server and domain?

Yes, our deployment teams will do end to end deployment of the valuation software.

Is my data safe?

Yes, your data is only stored in your cloud server.